OnePlus Watch | Midnight Black | 4GB

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  • Seamless Connectivity – Bluetooth 5.0 and powerful call features keep you notified of incoming calls. Stay in touch with family and friends without using your hands
  • Smartphone-free Music – Set your music free with 4 GB storage for all your favorite beats
  • No Daily Charging, No Worries – A full charge provides up to 14 days of battery life. Up to 14 days for typical us, 5 days sleep blood oxygen monitoring, 25 hours continuous exercise with GPS
  • A Breath of Fresh Air – Blood oxygen saturation is a core measure of your health and fitness. Get daytime spot checks and sleep monitoring with our sleep tracker with long-term tracking data to identify potential issues early on
  • OnePlus, Smart Watch, Watch, OnePlus Watch, Sport Watch
  • Included components: Watch, User Guide, Charging Dock, Fluoroelastomer strap, Safety Information and Warranty
  • Display type: AMOLED
  • Compatible phone models: Android Phones
  • Operating system: Android

Specification: OnePlus Watch | Midnight Black | 4GB

Product Dimensions

10.83 x 1.83 x 0.48 inches

Item Weight

3.58 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (included)




4 GB

Wireless communication technologies

Bluetooth, NFC, GPS

Connectivity technologies

Bluetooth, GPS



Special Features

Time Display, Sleep Monitor, GPS

Display technology


Other display features


Device interface - primary



Midnight Black

Included Components

Watch, User Guide, Charging Dock, Fluoroelastomer strap, Safety Information and Warranty



Date First Available

June 14, 2021

13 reviews for OnePlus Watch | Midnight Black | 4GB

4.3 out of 5
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  1. Vestil

    This is exactly what I’ve been looking for a long while. A smartwatch that focuses on delivering a basic solution well with excellent battery life at a decent price ($160). So far I have been testing it and it works well, some minor accuracy issues but I work to beat averages so it’s not really a problem for me. So far it’s perfect for my needs.

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  2. R

    I won’t go into every aspect of this watch as it’s covered by other reviews. The score of 3 out of 5 is a little deceptive as I actually quite like this watch as it suits my usage but it’s by no means perfect and in fact has one major design flaw (which I’ll discuss later in the review).

    The pros:
    Excellent battery life, it truly is up to two weeks. I’m averaging 10 days with 30 minutes of daily walking being tracked.

    Cheap compared to other leading smartphone smart watches with similar build quality. I compared it to my partners Samsung Galaxy Watch.

    Really good build quality. Has a good metal casing that looks and feels premium.

    Strap seems robust and is easy to put on (after you get used to it).

    Nice big screen which isn’t too big and its thickness not too protruding.

    Good bright screen.

    The oneplus Health app provides all the features I expect and work well. Some inaccuracies (sleep tracking seems to register as soon as my head hits the pillow even if it takes 30 minutes for me to get to sleep) but overall good. It does seems to accurately detect when I wake up in the night.

    Pairing with the phone was simple and controlling music on the phone works well.

    Phone calls do work well from the watch. Clear both ends.

    Minor quibble on the watch design looking a little generic but it still has excellent build quality.

    There are around 50 watch faces to choose from but to be honest I only like a handful and then the ones I do like aren’t that interesting. Just a little dull in design, or over designed to the point they look ugly.

    Now the major flaw. GPS does not work reliably on this watch. It’s a well reported problem with this watch that you see all over oneplus watch customer forums. So I did think about sending my watch back but other people have done the same and their replacement watch still has broken GPS. The GPS only works somewhere around 20% of the time when using the tracking aspects of this watch. For example, on my daily walk it either does not record my route at all or it will record the last 1/3rd of my 30 minute walk. The step count, heart rate etc and distance estimation work for walking, which is the main thing, but no route is shown. This is no big deal for walking/running (at least for my use case) but for cycling it means it records nothing as it depends on the route tracking rather than step counting. So beware cyclists this watch is not for you. And runners possibly too if they do lots of long and varied routes and you want to track your route. Seeing as this watch has been out for nearly a year I don’t expect the GPS issue will ever be fixed by a firmware update (it would have happened already) but I guess you never know.

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  3. Jerry Z

    The watch is very comfortable on the wrist…….it’s not the watch band you are used to. But once you give a try I would not traid it for a standard band. The face is easy to see even in bright sun. Now…….The app needs improvement to say the least. The watch faces you have to choose from are bland. The sleep data needs much improvement to say the least over my last smart watch. With that said. It paired flawless to my phone that is also a 1+ and the battery last forever. It has a long range from watch to phone. In conclusion I would hope the developers will make improvements.

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  4. Dalton West

    After years of looking at smart watches I could not find one that would sync with my OnePlus phone. I have used this for 6 months now and have never been more pleased with a product. It has great battery life, from 8% to fully charged in less than 30 minutes. Get a full 2 weeks on one charge. I would highly recommend it.

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  5. Alessandro Centi

    Ottimo Prodotto🤩😉……mi raccomando, per avere la versione europea (per avere la lingua Italiana) acquistare il prodotto solo da Amazon al prezzo di €159 e non da venditori terzi ….avevo acquistato precedentemente ad un prezzo di €179 ma mi è stata recapitata una e-mail dove mi è stato comunicato che era solo la versione cinese e quindi sono stato costretto ad annullare l’ordine, ed ad attendere per un mese la disponibilità da parte di Amazon a 159….

    Per quando riguarda l’orologio ….è davvero fantastico sono passati 7 giorni da quando l’ho cacciato dalla scatola, avendo già una carica dell’ 80%…praticamente ha ancora la carica di fabbrica, adesso dopo 7 giorni mi è arrivato al 39% di batteria, quindi i 14 giorni dichiarati di batteria se li fa tranquillamente se non più.
    Comodo e molto bello da vedere , materiali al tatto di ottima fattura e qualità…schermo OLED,… 110 tipi di allenamento, saturazione del sangue, pressione, misurazione del battito cardiaco, e molto altro e si ci puoi anche chiamare e rispondere …tutto a portata di polso😉. Il Software è migliorato grazie al nuovo aggiornamento che è andato ad aggiustare dei piccoli bug… sarannò ancora altri aggiornamenti che nei prossimi mesi andranno a rifinire ancor di più il tutto. Smart Wach davvero molto bello e comodo da usare lo consiglio vivamente.

    PS. Controllare sempre per sicurezza prima di levare il cellophane e aprire la scatola che abbia il marchio C E staccato , (che sta per Comunità Europea)….. Attenzione a non confondere con il marchio CE tutto attaccato, (che sta per importazione Cinese).
    Spero di esservi stato di aiuto ciao ciao🤗🔝

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  6. zweigelb

    Als OnePlus Fan musste ich diese Uhr einfach haben. Aber kurz gesagt, nach zwei Tagen ging die Uhr direkt zurück.
    Ich habe selten so ein unausgereiftest Produkt bekommen. Das ist definitv NICHT OnePlus wie man es gewohnt ist. Entweder hat hier irgendein Sub-Unternehmen rumgepfuscht oder man musste ganz schnell so eine Uhr auf den Markt werfen.
    Alleine das Update dauerte ewig und selbst dann hat man noch immer eine Mischung aus Deutsch(e), englisch und chinesisch. Lasst besser die Finger weg und gebt hundert Euro mehr aus.
    Das Gehäuse ist ja noch tip top, aber das wars auch schon. Funktionen? Vergesst es. Apps nachinstallieren? Welche Apps? Hier geht einfach nichts.
    OnePlus – hier solltet ihr nicht nachbessern, sondern gleich eine neue Uhr auf den Markt bringen. Diesmal aber bitte wie gewohnt in OnePlus Qualität und Bedienbarkeit. Das hier ist einfach und kurz gesagt billiger China-Mist.

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  7. otleyoldboy

    Don’t understand some negative reviews for this watch. People should realise it’s not a wear os watch.
    Personally I’m not interested in replying to notifications on my watch as it irritates me. The watch is a excellent health/ fitness monitor. I find it extremely accurate & the sleep tracking good also.
    The battery life is fantastic I’ve had it on my wrist for two days now & it’s at 84 percent from full so I’m expecting at least a week.
    The watch faces are not as plentiful as other brands but I’m happy with the choice. Syncs perfect with my OnePlus phone. All in all I love it!
    As a footnote regarding the battery life I am getting six full days from the watch which I think is excellent. I have GPS & heart rate monitoring on all the time.

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  8. Angela l lucy

    Having nothing at all to compare too, all I can say is this was easy to set up. I like the easy of adjusting settings and features. I already lost the manual so I’m just pressing buttons until things happen and I’ve managed to not put it into self destruct mode yet. The Oneplus Health app is pretty helpful so I think I’ll just grow happier as I learn to make use of all the functions.

    I hate wearing watches so this has been an adjustment. It’s growing on me, I do wish the display was ever so slightly less bulky, I have a small wrist so it feels a bit much. It’s a small complaint, I’ll live through it. Overall I would buy it again.

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  9. Santos Rosario López

    Es una excelente marca uso el celular el reloj y los audífonos son excelentes

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  10. David B

    Got this to go with my OnePlus 8 Phone and it’s been an amazing device. The battery lasts me almost 2 weeks and I’ve never had an issue with it.

    It’s easy to turn watch notifications on and off, reassign one of the buttons to go to a specific task (stopwatch, timer, flashlight, etc).

    Would recommend to someone looking for a good smart watch!

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  11. Jennifer L Culp

    As with many others, this watch does not stay synced with the weather unless you turn things off and on and off and on. I also wish there was a way to reply to messages other than four automatic responses available. Finally I also wish that I got notifications when they came in not half an hour to 2 hours later.

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  12. Rafael

    Like the tittle said, This pretty smartwatch dont connected with my Samsung with Android 12… I tried with a different phone, with Android 11, and the connection was successfully.

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  13. Alexandru

    I have bought the OnePlus watch following a terrible experience with a Fossil gen 5 smartwatch. Reading all the bad reviews about this watch’s app, I was very reluctant wether to buy it. My first impression is that yes, the OnePlus app is not very rich in content and can do with slight alerations and addition of apps. But Wear OS is horrible too, and utterly inefficient. Below I add a small comparison between the OneplusWatch and the Fossil gen 5 with Wear OS:

    1. Battery: I was literally stunned to notice how fast the OnePlus watch’s battery charges. It is simply crazy. The watch does not heat up either and in less than half an hour it’s full. Way less than half an hour. After half a day with some GPS outdoor walk, numerous SpO2 measurements, much play with the screen and apps, the battery dropped to 93%. I literally cannot believe this after having the Fossil watch, which at this step was at its last 5% charge. On that topic, Fossil took about 1:30 hours to charge, warmed up greately during the process and, once charged, it would start plunging right away.

    2. Apps: compared to wear OS, OP does not allow third party apps. But let’s be honest, do you really need a pocket calculator on your watch? I could never type well enough on the small screen. Maybe if you want integration with Strava etc., here OP looses. But apart that, Wear OS apps usually are not free and are rudimentary (such as Sleep as Android) which depletes about 50% watch battery overnight and 20% phone’s battery. Apart from that, I do not miss too many apps on my new OP watch, which tracks sleep, health metrics, has notifications, allows calls from the watch. I really don’t do much less on the OP than on the Fossil. On this point, OP’s sleep metrics are deluxe compared to Google Fit’s sleep: OP detects sleep fast and accurate and does not consume battery. Wear OS has >100 background processes inherited from its big brother, Android, which make the watch slower and consume so much battery. OP cut to the point with its RTOS, which does only what it needs.

    3. Navigation: OP has a too rudimentary app which requires the phone to be connected to Google Maps and to be navigating on the phone at the same time, so not really useful. Wear OS has maps and outdoor apps such as Viewranger compatibility, which is great…on paper. Buy a 250£ Wear OS watch and you will notice that if using Maps with screen and GPS ON, you will have like 2 hours of battery from 100% to flat. Very good investment indeed…

    4. NFC pay is (not) a real loss on OP. OP does not yet support it, but Wear OS devices do. There is a catch with Wear OS’ NFC payment system which no one seems to mention. Like on the phone, in order to use it, you need to enable screen lock on the watch. Not only when you want to pay something, but always. But the watch has no face or fingerprint recognition. So you enable NFC Pay and the screen lock with the only option: the pin. Now imagine you are running and sweaty and you want to change the tune on the watch. Good luck inputting the pin.

    5. Screen: OP’s screen is better in all ways compared to Fossil. And the ambient light sensor works on it compared to Fossil’s. Also on the Wear OS, bright screen was a luxury when the battery was depleting so fast, it’s no longer an issue on OP.

    Overall, OP has less apps, but Wear OS’ terrible battery management makes the advantage of Play apps useless. There is no purpose in having many (useless) apps if they cut through the battery’s life. In my opinion, a smart watch should balance battery life with apps. Trust me, it is horrible to go to the office with a full battery and return home with a dead watch. Here is where OnePlus wins, its battery lasts much longer than any Wear OS device on market, making its use more comfortable, while it still packs the really useful multimedia and health tracking apps.

    Later edit: the battery lasts about 10 days under quite intense use (always ON screen not turned on).

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