Motorola Moto Watch 100 Smartwatch – 42mm Smartwatch with GPS for Men & Women, Up to 14 Day Battery, 24/7 Heart Rate, SpO2, 5ATM Water Resistant,…

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  • SLEEK, STYLISH AND LIGHTWEIGHT: The Moto Watch 100 is built for 24/7 wear and an active lifestyle. Comfort and aesthetics are perfectly balanced with a 42mm aluminum case, black silicone band, and 1.3″ circular LCD display. The Motorola legacy of beautiful, well-built products is upheld by this premium timepiece with all the benefits of state-of-the-art wearable technology.
  • EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Raise the tempo with two weeks of full-time use. Free yourself from the daily ritual of charging! The Moto Watch 100 is optimized to support your goals: it delivers the functionality you need, without all the battery-draining apps you don’t. A charge time of just 60 minutes means the Moto Watch 100 will work to your schedule. Convenience is key with a battery that lasts longer than the fresh produce in your fridge!
  • FEEL YOUR RHYTHM: Notifications, reminders, dynamic health tracking features and more than 26 sport modes help you establish routines and get more from your grind. The Moto 100 is a comfortable addition to your wrist that helps you unlock your potential!
  • A SECOND NATURE SMARTWATCH: Comfort, style and accessibility combine to make a device that integrates seamlessly into your daily life. The MotoWatch OS is simple and intuitive, and works in harmony with Android to support your goals!
  • LOOK GOOD, LIVE BETTER: Heath tracking is delivered through the Moto Watch 100’s accelerometer, gyroscope, heart-rate monitor, SpO2 and ambient light sensor. 5ATM water resistance lets you be active however you see fit. A budget-friendly smartwatch that supports your goals.

Specification: Motorola Moto Watch 100 Smartwatch – 42mm Smartwatch with GPS for Men & Women, Up to 14 Day Battery, 24/7 Heart Rate, SpO2, 5ATM Water Resistant,…

Product Dimensions

1.65 x 1.81 x 0.47 inches

Item Weight

1.62 ounces

Item model number



1 Lithium Ion batteries required. (included)

Date First Available

November 18, 2021



Country of Origin


12 reviews for Motorola Moto Watch 100 Smartwatch – 42mm Smartwatch with GPS for Men & Women, Up to 14 Day Battery, 24/7 Heart Rate, SpO2, 5ATM Water Resistant,…

3.4 out of 5
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  1. Quality Purchaser

    This product is a joke – I felt like I was being trolled. At first I thought it was defective, but after dealing with customer/tech support, I realized a huge number of the issues are intentional. Firstly, the features listed for the original product were REMOVED in an update, meaning the “smart” part that controls your phone media no longer exists. The app randomly fails to log the information on the watch, and the watch, after many resets and troubleshooting, only ever updated 1 of the many goals you set in the app. The app cannot do math, so often returns numbers for “average heart rate” that do not correspond with the data. The profile often reverts to older numbers days after you change information, and the sleep monitoring portion includes “awake time” towards your sleep goal, which is, apparently, intentional.

    The website contains MANY images of watch faces and activity tracking screens that DO NOT EXIST on the watch. It is like they had a vision for the product, and then just never actually built any of it. It is bordering on a scam.

    Tech support constantly sent back form letters describing troubleshooting for issues never mentioned in the correspondence, and twice sent directions for an entirely different product. I honestly felt I was being trolled. They never once, in probably 15 discussions, addressed a single issue I had written about.

    This is technically a MOTO product, but everything about it has been offloaded to a division that appears to be different from Lenovo or Motorola. Their sales are through some 3rd party company, the app is built by a home security firm, and their tech support is obviously just attempting to frustrate customers, requesting you make videos instead of just reading your emails, and requiring you to send your product back at your expense for a refund. This product was offloaded from Motorola for a reason. I own many Motorola products and Lenovo products. This meets none of their standards. Do not buy this. Please, buy anything else.

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  2. haylez

    I love it

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  3. rithesh r iyer

    It works pretty well as a watch and has good battery life. The magnetic charger is cool and fast.. but I would have liked it more if it could be charged while wearing. Possible but not so easy.

    The silicone strap seemed to be great at first but after a week it started leaving marks on the skin and later caused rashes (luckily not painful). So ordered a new Metal strap and that’s great.

    I paired it up with a Moto G stylus phone and expected things to work really well. Not so happy with the notifications pushed from the phone to the watch. All notifications lag by hours. Still finding a way to disable notifications all together.

    Rest of the health monitor sensors and the app interface is great and worth the purchase as I intended to use it just like a simple watch.

    So 5 star for the watch and health sensors and app integration. 2 star for the android notifications integration.

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  4. Huguesr

    I bought this watch paired with my Motorolla Edge + . It worked 3 days. The battery is good and the screen is off and it is hard to turn it on, you have to push on the top bottom. Moving your wrist is not working well. I liked the interface though and it did very well with the SP O2 and the Heart monitor works well too. It did well with the GPS and my run and stationary rowing machine. After 3 days the watch was not paired properly with the Moto Software. I de installed and re installed it 3 times. Then the software recommended an update and after that update the watch does not work at all. Sad, it is now a piece of beautiful junk which I am returning. I thought that a Motorolla/Lenovo product would work well within a Motorolla phone/product, it has not

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  5. Carlos M.

    Tenias mis dudas al pedirlo pero me ha gustado.
    El smartwatch me llego un dia despues de pedirlo. El tamaño es adecuado para mi muñeca que no es muy grande. En cuanto a la duracion de la bateria, si lo tienes todo el dia midiendo la presion y la saturacion, se acaba la pila enseguida. Yo solo lo tengo vinculado al telefono y me dura una semana, a eso yo le llamo uso minimo es decir solo recibo las notificaciones del telefono y de vez en cuando la miro hora. Mido la presion y saturacion cuando termine de correr. Tengo una semana con el y estoy contento con el producto. de calidad se siente resistente, quizas las correas vayan a durar poco, pero culquier correa de platico te dura mas bien poco. Solo tengo una queja con la presicion de la lectura de la saturacion: da lecturas superiores a las que me ha dado un oximentro en el dedo al mismo tiempo, habra que tomarlo en cuenta.
    Al final es un producto economico de bajas prestaciones pero cumple con su cometido. Yo lo compre para iniciar en el mundo del smartwatch y ver que tan funcional puede ser. Quizas mas adelante adquiera uno superior, pero por el momento este me ha gustado. Lo puedo recomendar para principiantes en el uso del smartwatch.
    Te ayuda a dejar de mirar el telefono a cada momento.

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  6. Tracy

    Durable, not as easy to set up. Will keep because the watch is a nice looking watch. Again, very difficult to set up GPS. Still haven’t accomplished.
    After wearing a few days I have noticed that the sensor on the bottom of the watch cuts into my wrist causing a very painful pinch sensation. I’ve tried to loosen the watch but no matter what it still causes this sensation. My remedy so far has been to cover the sensor with a small piece of clear tape. I’m not sure as of yet if this modification will affect the accuracy of some of the functions of the watch. If it does I’ll be forced to return it.

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  7. Anonymous

    Es un reloj inteligente que cumple con las funciones básicas, es cómodo y estéticamente hablando muy bonito, tiene un tema con la sincronización de datos en la aplicación pero creo que eso es, en si, parte de la aplicación y no propiamente del reloj.
    Tiene mucha precisión al medir los pasos y el ritmo cardíaco, cuenta con GPS y la pantalla se ve muy bien, cuenta con muy buenos niveles de brillo. La batería es bastante duradera, yo ocupo bastante el reloj por cuestiones de ejercicio y la batería me dura ocho días sin problemas.

    En general estoy muy conforme con el producto, si buscas algo que cumpla, que sea estéticamente atractivo y a buen precio definitivamente es la opción.

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  8. Francisco Archundia

    El reloj es una pieza muy bien diseñada, es cómodo y confortable, pero la app con la que se utiliza no es nada estable y presenta muchísimos errores. Hay que considerar que ,lamentablemente el reloj no tendrá un aprovechamiento ni siquiera al 50% hasta que no arreglen el problema de la app

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  9. Dean Woodbridge

    I really do like this watch, but I wish that there were more watch faces available. The thing about Smart watches is that you can have a new look every hour/day/week or month. Then comes the health and workout apps along with sleep monitoring. The Moto Watch 100 hit most of these point well, but for the price point it does a great job.

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  10. Richard Blackman

    I guess I’ve been spoilt, my last 2 watches were WearOS and a lot more expensive. So this time I went cheaper but it’s true that you get what you pay for.
    The watch is not as responsive to the touch. You can’t interact with notifications, like respond to text messages or delete emails. I tried to use the timer, setting up a 24 minute timer you have to actually touch the + button 24 times, several times not responding to my touch, it was painful. I’m used to a wheel that you just drag around and set what you need very quickly. Oh, and I moved away from the timer to check a notification, and the timer was lost.
    This is the first time I’ve had one that monitors sleep cycles, so that’s a plus. For that you have to wear the watch all night. Which is ok, except when you move in bed the screen keeps coming on like a bad flashlight, even though it is on do not disturb.
    The watch face doesn’t have ‘hot spots’ where I can press for functions, which I miss.
    I’ve only had it for about a week so that’s all I found so far, maybe I’ll update this if I have more info.

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  11. Omar

    Llevo cerca de una semana utilizándolo y puedo decir que la calidad del reloj en si no es mala, la construcción es buena, es cómodo en la muñeca, a pesar de tener una pantalla de una calidad media de resolución se deja pasar porque se supone que no es muy caro, ahora lo que deja mucho que desear es el sistema operativo del reloj y la app:
    1 – No existe una sincronización dual, que quiere decir, si llevas un historial ya a medio día de pasos sueño, actividades, etc. y reinicias el reloj se pierde todo y cuando se sincroniza nuevamente daña toda la información de la app.
    2 – Si estas entrenando y estas lejos del teléfono que esta sincronizado y haces dos actividades solo guarda la ultima, esto es jodidamente grave si de verdad le das seguimiento a tus entrenamientos.
    3 – Durante el sueño, en mi caso normalmente me despierto en las noches si te levantas y te alejas del teléfono, las horas que has dormido se pierden y comienza a tomar información desde que te vuelves a dormir.
    4 – La primera vez que lo sincronicé no reconoció los cambios como el idioma y el primer día no midió el sueño hasta que reinicié el reloj.

    En general si eres una persona no muy activa y quieres un reloj que sea de una marca reconocida, que se vea bien podrías usar este reloj, pero si entrenas y le das seguimiento a tus actividades y sueño, no lo compres.

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  12. alcidesrapa

    Si lo que buscas es un smartwatch barato, de una marca reconocida, que te notifique los MSM, WhatsApp, correos, llamadas, registre tu ubicación, monitoreé tu sueño y funciones vitales aceptablemente y no deseas pagar 300 o 400 dólares por un smartwatch; este es el indicado.

    Fueron muchos los comentarios negativos que leí sobre este reloj pero debo decir que hasta ahora cumplió mis expectativas salvo algunos detalles menores.

    Muchos de esos comentarios negativos fueron especialmente sobre la conectividad y la sincronización con la app, se perdían las notificaciones de MMS, WhatsApp y llamadas; yo tengo un Galaxy S21 Plus y no he tenido mayores problemas al respecto, como todo aparato vinculado al Bluetooth si te alejas demasiado la conectividad se pierde pero este se vincula nuevamente cuando te acercas al dispositivo; con la última actualización de la app se ha corregido bastante las fallas de notificaciones.
    Desafortunadamente también con la última actualización el reloj ya no tiene la función de control de música, aunque a decir verdad nunca me funcionó.

    Si bien el anuncio dice que la durabilidad de la batería puede llegar hasta los 14 días, no creo que sea tan así; en mi caso lo he tenido que cargar cada 5 días, que en mi parecer es bastante.
    Hasta la fecha he preferido no arriesgar en meterlo al agua así que no sé si realmente es resistente al agua.

    Otra de las razones porque compré este smartwatch fueron sus 26 modos de deporte, especialmente el de fútbol; aquí si me ha decepcionado porque no registra la distancia más si el tiempo y las calorías quemadas; lo probé en modo Hike y en este caso si registró la distancia y la ubicación, supongo que debe mejorar la actualización del app.

    El registro de sueño, ritmo cardíaco, saturacion de oxígeno, pasos son bastante aceptables.

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