Casio Unisex MRW200H-2BV Neo-Display Black Watch with Resin Band

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  • Imported
  • Neo-display. Case diameter : 44.6 mm
  • 3 years – 1 battery ;
  • Day and date display
  • Water-resistant to 100 M (330 feet)
  • 100M Water Resistant
  • 3-Hand Analog
  • 12/24 Hr. Index (some models)
  • Bi-directional rotating bezel
  • Accuracy: +/- 20 seconds per month
  • Battery: SR626SW
  • Approx. battery life: 3 years

Specification: Casio Unisex MRW200H-2BV Neo-Display Black Watch with Resin Band

Brand Seller or Collection Name


Model number


Part Number


Model Year


Item Shape


Dial window material type


Display Type




Case material


Case diameter

43 millimeters

Case Thickness

12 millimeters

Band Material


Band size

Men's Standard

Band width

18 millimeters

Band Color


Dial color


Bezel material


Bezel function




Special features

Second hand

Item weight

3.84 Ounces


Japanese Quartz

Water resistant depth

330 Feet

13 reviews for Casio Unisex MRW200H-2BV Neo-Display Black Watch with Resin Band

4.1 out of 5
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  1. Jane U

    I expected that “unisex” indicated that it was sized for either men or women. It is definitely a MAN’S watch. The watch face is the width of my entire wrist. I expected to have to adjust the band notches but, that would not work in this case. Although I am small-boned and a small woman, I am not anomalously small for an adult female. This is extremely disappointing. The price of not only this watch, but the equivalent, designated woman’s watch version, has increased more than 30% since I recently purchased this men’s size watch. If I return this “unisex” watch and purchase the white “women’s watch” version, it will cost me $6.44 more, which I refuse to pay. Casio should exchange the watch for me forthwith with no additional charge. Amazon offered me a small credit, but only on Amazon fulfilled items, which this is not, and it would not cover the difference in price. I also have to go through the hassle of driving to an inconvenient UPS store and waiting in line, etc. All the things I hate to do and the reason why I shop on line in the first place. Misrepresentation on your webpage, Casio. This watch is NOT as described. It is a man’s watch OR a BIG woman’s watch, not “unisex”. To replace this watch, I purchased a child’s watch blindly (no details about wrist circumference) and can only hope that it will fit my wrist. It’s not fulfilled by Amazon, either. Bad experience with a Casio product. No kudos.

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  2. Arturo HC

    muy buen reloj, muy cómodo para usar, casi no se siente en la muñeca porque es muy ligero, la esfera muy clara, el segundero se alinea perfectamente con los indices, el único problema que tuve es que después de unas horas dejo de funcionar, saque la corona y la volví a poner en su posición de funcionamiento y comenzó a funcionar otra vez, le paso lo mismo muchas veces y tuve que regresarlo, estoy esperando la devolución del dinero para comprar otro exactamente igual, mala suerte que me toco un producto defectuoso pero es un excelente reloj y lo volveré a comprar, no he tenido ningún problema con ningún reloj que he comprado en Amazon, todos han funcionado perfectamente, solo con este tuve mala suerte

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  3. Roy S

    Not overly complicated, keeps excellent time and looks great. My 3rd Casio over the past 20 years or so, I’ve never had one fail – I just wear them out.

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  4. Riley Moore

    I’m a student and I needed a watch that would not break on me during SATs and ACTs so I could time myself. I finally found this watch and I was a little skeptical but it is a great watch.

    It fitted my wrist even though my wrist is small. I don’t know if it can fit someone with a big wrist without strangling your blood flow. And by small I mean my wrist’s circumference is roughly 5-6 inches around. I don’t think it would fit anyone whose wrist is bigger than 8 inches around. Don’t know the exact measurements but that’s a rough estimate.

    First things first: the glow in the dark paint works on all of them however low intensity lights will not light up the paint too much for it to obviously and visibly show up in the dark. Otherwise it will just be little dim if anything. If your eyes adjust to the dark then you might be able to see it better. If you work in photoshoots or something that exposes you to high lumens of light then yes it will glow… very obviously. I shone a 10 lumens flashlight on it and it was visibly glowing even in the lit room. The numbers don’t glow so unless you have a clock face memorized, it won’t help you much in telling specific time. The glow in the dark paint lasts a while because I have went to sleep at midnight, wake up four hours later, and check the watch and my eyes can still see somewhat of a faint glow on the dark.

    The set up is a little confusing if you don’t check what model your watch is. it should be on the back of the watch on the battery case/cover. It may/may not be squared/boxed in. My watch model was 5125 and I could set the time correctly.

    If you are a little obsessive like I am, the seconds part will kinda tick you off. When you adjust the watch, the second hand going to move slightly no matter what direction you turn it in. And that slight movement may cause your second hand to land in between the seconds like mine did. It’s easily fixable but annoying. you’ll just have to readjust again but carefully this time.

    There is no alarm nor is there a beep. However if you put your ear on the watch’s glass, you can hear ticking but it’s not audible if you are more than an inch away from it

    The day and day of the week showed up fine and what I like is that there is a Spanish and English version for the days of the week. It’s easy setting those up and they stay in the language you want although if it changed, I wouldn’t have mind since I can read Spanish anyways. However, you will have to manually adjust the day if the month ends on anything other than a 31. Example: February going into March, you will have to skip from 28 or 29 to 1.

    This watch is water resistant and NOT water PROOF so don’t take it scuba diving or whatnot. I don’t plan on taking this into the pool or shower so I don’t see a problem there. The occasional hand washing won’t kill this thing however mixing it with soap and other cleaners might. The bottom line: don’t get it wet.

    Overall, I like the simple layout. The numbers are easy to read and aren’t the crazily small numbers or the Roman numerals. It’s more of a functional watch than the those decorative ones without a watch face.

    The second hand should have been a different color other than the blue and white. The color scheme works fine with the hour and minute hand because you can see then clearly against the black but the second hand tip kinda blends on the color of the numbers so it is a little hard to tell to the second what it is some times. You can still kinda tell but it is still a little confusing at times.

    I also like how there are military hours in smaller print below the numbers. There is 13-24 below and it’s useful for those who need things in military time. There is not however a 00:00 on there although you should know that it’s midnight and midnight is at 12.

    The glass seems a little flimsy and maybe prone to fingerprint smudges but a shirt edge can clean it pretty easily. Scratches on the other hand is a different story. I’ve had it for roughly a month and a half and I would accidentally scrape by things and it’ll get scratches on it 🙁

    As for the strap it seems sturdy. However it’s the hinge thing that worries me because it seems to made of a plastic and after extended time, it’ll probably break.

    Also, the crown will seem kind of loose if you are not currently using it to set anything. I don’t know if that’s what it’s suppose to be like but I can tell you right now, it doesn’t feel like it’ll fall off because it’s not wobbly or dangling precariously from the things holding it in.

    But I liked it, good watch at a cheap price. Good watch for a high school student. I’m satisfied because it wasn’t overly complicated and it’s easy to read

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  5. Amazon Customer

    The dive/ time ring that actually rotates and allows you to use it is super useful for timing procedures/ treatments in the hospital or cooking times on the grill in the backyard. Keeps on working even after being soaked in pure rubbing alcohol to disinfect it. Survived numerous dives, snorkels, and saltwater swims (just don’t twist the dial or the knob while underwater). Definitely visible in dark cars and while camping overnight too (numbers’ glow charges with very little exposure to light–almost looks like bioluminescence). Only down-side is that the batteries give out in 2-3 years and replacing them costs +50% as much as buying a new one (plus it’s hard to get the water-resistant seal as good after replacing the battery)…but they are cheap enough that you can have 5 in different colors!

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  6. Lisnet X.

    Lo compré para regalarlo a mi hijo y resultó excelente.
    El reloj es totalmente resistente al agua, mi hijo ha nadado muchas veces en alberca, ha nadado en cenotes y y ha hecho clavados con el, ya tiene varios meses y sin falla alguna, no está rayado, la correa hasta ahorita intacta y lo usa prácticamente diario, lo mejor a un super precio para la calidad. Claro, es un Casio.
    Lo super recomiendo.

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  7. Broben

    cheap! je commande des montres sur amazon depuis longtemps, j’ai comme un début de collection. Mais celle-là n’y trouvera pas sa place. C’est de loin, la montre de plus mauvaise qualité que j’ai vu en haut de 5$. Vraiment décevant! Le matériel est cheap, le bracelet durera pas 2 jours… je vais la laisser à mon fils de 6 ans… Quoique, je pense que sa montre pour enfants est de meilleure qualité! Je me fiais au nom Casio, quelle erreur!!

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  8. Shawn A.

    I bought this watch for my trip to the Caribbean. I wanted something I could take into the ocean and pool with me – something inexpensive that won’t be a huge deal if it got water damaged or lost. After looking at many different watches, I chose this one because of the price, design and waterproof rating. At 100 ATM for such a cheap watch, I figured I couldn’t go wrong with this.

    After receiving it and first glance, it didn’t look quite as good as the pictures on amazon, but it did grow on me throughout my vacation. It felt a little plastic-y but still pretty nice and durable. It was very easy to set the time and date. I used it for a week straight while on vacation and it did a fantastic job. It kept excellent time and didn’t get any kind of fog or moisture in it while I was in the pool and ocean. After wearing it for a while and breaking it in, it conformed to my wrist nicely.

    Overall this is a great watch and I will be using it for all outdoor activities like camping, hiking, swimming, etc. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a durable and affordable watch.

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  9. Tony

    Face and date are not the easiest to read.

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  10. Festus

    Love this watch

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  11. Malika E.

    This watch is great,watch a video to help fix the day on the watch . It is a bit big for females but it good.

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  12. s2020

    Awesome watch for holiday that will handle every activity aside from deep scuba diving.

    Instead of a 20 dollar watch trying to be a 100 dollar watch, this one is better described as a really well executed 20 dollar watch with loads of charm and character at that price point. There is something about the numerals, dial markings, and case design that just flows. For me the black resin case and strap works, and feels to have far better construction and finishing than the AQ-S810w solar analog digital series (which I sent back). Unlike the AQ series, the MRW200 series fits like a glove and feels like a fun, playful version of my favorite steel cased pilot/field watches.

    The lume doesn’t last long, and the watch is not solar powered so a battery change would be needed down the line. Aside from those two items, I cannot emphasize enough that this watch is flawless and fun.

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  13. Cliente de Amazon

    Es un reloj con un buen acabado, con materiales de calidad y cómodo para realizar las actividades cotidianas. Además, al ser resistente al agua tienes la ventaja de poderlo portar bajo la lluvia o en alguna alberca.
    El único motivo por el que califico con 4 estrellas es que el envío por parte de Amazon no se realizó con los cuidados que considero necesarios, no tenía ninguna protección que envolviera la caja, por lo que el reloj se encontraba fuera de la misma y la caja se encontraba maltratada. Afortunadamente este inconveniente no afectó el funcionamiento del reloj.

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