Armitron Sport Women’s Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch, 45/7034

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  • matte purple resin case with silver-tone top ring
  • lcd display with time, seconds, day and date
  • functions include: chronograph, alarm, dual time and backlight
  • matte purple resin strap with buckle closure
  • water resistant to 330 feet (100m)
  • Sport type: Fitness

Specification: Armitron Sport Women’s Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch, 45/7034

Brand Seller or Collection Name

Armitron Sport

Model number


Part Number


Item Shape


Dial window material type


Display Type



Tang Buckle

Case material


Case diameter

25 millimeters

Case Thickness

11 millimeters

Band Material


Band size

Womens Standard

Band width

12 millimeters

Band Color


Dial color


Bezel material


Bezel function




Item weight

22.68 Grams



Water resistant depth

330 Feet

13 reviews for Armitron Sport Women’s Digital Chronograph Resin Strap Watch, 45/7034

4.9 out of 5
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  1. Justine S

    i love the design it has setting options for alarm and hourly bleep – easy to make it glow in the dark it is small but i have small wrists and it fits perfectly (9 holes i am 3 from end) it is waterproof so far BUT not yet tried in a pool or bath – generally very pleased for the price

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  2. Indydi

    LOOOOOOOOOVE THIS WATCH. FINALLY, a women’s watch that isn’t the equivalent of wearing an Instant Pot on your arm. This one is so petite, but it doesn’t look like a kid’s watch. Why has this been such a difficult feat for manufacturers?

    The best watch I’ve ever owned was a digital Armitron I think in the ’80s. It was small, very low profile (even lower than this one), and had all the digital functions. When it finally died, they had long since stopped making it. I went with Timex after that, and haven’t been happy with most of their stuff. BIG is NOT okay! Their smaller watches were expensive and fragile (bands ripped apart easily), and the last one perpetually slipped around my arm so that I could no longer see it. Took two hands to see the time.

    My little Armitron here came without instructions, which I knew going in. (I bought an open box to save a few bucks). There are YouTube videos that explain everything you need to know and which may be helpful for visual people like myself. It’s not hard to figure out, but it is just different enough from Timex to throw you off a little here and there.

    HOURLY CHIME: I love the optional hourly chime. Helps me keep track of my day better. (Hit MODE button once to get to the alarm, then hit the upper right button until you see a little bell).

    STOPWATCH: I use the stopwatch every day when I run, and LOVE that it doesn’t have laps! (Update: I think it actually does have laps). You can pause the stopwatch using the top right button, OR pause it (to check your time) while keeping it running in the background using the top left button. Hit the top left button again to get back to the active stopwatch.

    TIME ZONE/24HR: Love the second time zone and optional 24-hour clock for us nurses out there (hit the top left button to switch back and forth). Love everything about this watch. Even though it’s small, it doesn’t look like a kid’s watch. It’s too classy for that. Oh, and love all the wonderful colors it comes in. I got “pink/rose gold,” but I definitely wouldn’t call the band pink. It’s more like a very faint peach, and the rose gold is beautiful. That’s for more dressy occasions. Also got navy for everyday wear, and purple for fun. I’ll keep ordering new colors as they release them.

    Thank you, Armitron! Don’t ever stop selling this watch, and don’t change it in any way! It’s PERFECT.

    UPDATE 2-22-22: Still wear these watches 24/7. I inherited 18 very nice watches from my mother, and have only worn one of them once. This one is just that good.

    I change a lot of watch batteries (by no means an expert tho), and this one is more of a challenge than most. There are four tiny screws to open the back–which is great, much easier than popping the back off–and two even tinier screws to remove a metal frame over the battery. Once replaced, you have to short circuit the connection to get it going. It takes CR1616 batteries, which are inexpensive. I wear my purple watch a ton, and constantly change modes and use the light, so the battery lasted me a little less than 2 years. The two I purchased in fall of 2019 are still going strong. (It is now Feb 2022). I’m about to add a black one to my collection.

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  3. Al

    Wife likes it for everyday use.

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  4. Revie

    I like the look of it but it isn’t easy to use – well I’m not finding it easy. The instruction booklet was useless and I watched a half hour you tube tutorial to set the thing up. Now that I’m up and running, out of the blue, an alarm started going off at 1am, it’s not loud just irritating and I pressed every button to stop it. I’m sure many people will set it up in jig time fingers crossed

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  5. Crunchy

    I wanted simple watch that displayed the day and date and this was it! I like the water and sweat resistance ( I have not gone swimming, but it survived many vigorous hand washing!) And I have had many compliments on the color( purple). I’m glad that it came with the clock set to the right time, because I may have struggled with setting it. ( only issue I can think of) The price was right, too. I would definitely buy it again.

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  6. Kimberly Svoboda

    Oval faced? Check.
    Lightweight? Check.
    Affordable? Check.
    Dainty? Check.
    Functional? Check.
    Simplistic? Check.

    I was looking for a really simple, petite watch with an oval face because I’m a petite Asian woman. I’m 4’11” approx. 115lbs, and in my 2nd trimester with my 2nd child. I bought this because I have some postpartum issued with concentration, memory, and focus. I was having a very difficult keeping track of time. I wanted something that wouldn’t weigh heavily on my wrist, that I can hop in and out of the shower with, bathe my 10 month old, clean, etc without having anything obtrusive or uncomfortable in material and weight. This checks all my boxes. I purchased the Navy/Rose Gold color, and I love it. I would totally buy this again. It’s got a simple backlight that isn’t too bright, in my opinion. The display is nice and clear. I literally just had it delivered, so I haven’t tested the timer functions, water resistance, etc, but so far I have no complaints for what I was in the market for.

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  7. cherrycollies

    I’ve been looking for a watch like this for years. This one ticks all my boxes – at a glance easy to read both time and date on display (showing the day of the week as well). It’s nice and small for a sports watch and sits nicely on a small wrist. I chose a white strap as it looks nice on a tanned arm in the summer. The watch was practically set up when I got it, just had to adjust the time. Easy to follow instructions. More than pleased with my purchase and it arrived a week early!

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  8. michael moore

    This was for my wife, not a bad little watch for the price and not too bulky looking as some of these types of watches are quite big. Had a bit of a struggle setting the correct time , apart from that it’s not bad.

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  9. Steve L

    Many years ago, my wife got an Armitron watch that she used when traveling. She especially liked the ability to set a second time zone, which could be made to display all the time. When that watch finally died (the buttons stopped working), I ordered this as a replacement.

    This watch looks elegant, with the black and gold color – much better than the old pink one! But my wife was disappointed to find that, while she could set a second time zone, it could not be set to stay displayed, reverting to the home zone display after a few seconds. She doesn’t use the stopwatch or other features. Other than the time zone irritation, which may not matter to many buyers, she likes the watch a lot.

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  10. M. Johnson

    I just like a watch for outdoor work that I don’t have to worry about in the dirt, rain, etc. This fits the bill and the price is right.

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  11. P. J. Alden-smith

    Now you can see not only the time, but the day and date at a glance. If on your travels you can have two time zones at the touch of a button, a stop watch for the sporty ones too. Clearly seen for those with sight problems and waterproof for those who swim or do the washing up.

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  12. Misssappyjones

    I have two of these and love the purple one, don’t love this colored one as much. Easy to read for this 50 plus year old and I have gotten it wet multiple times and it has held up.

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  13. Harrison’s Owner

    I was looking for a simple watch. I don’t need bells and whistles, just something that would keep time, be easy to read, and be water resistant and affordable. Back in the 80’s a simple digital watch was a couple dollars, as in $2. I searched Amazon up and down and found a few contenders and settled on this one. I purchased the powder blue with rose gold accents from the ‘used’ section. I lose things, so no Rolex’s for me. My 50 year old eyes can easily read the time and date, not bulky and fits my small wrist. Setting the time is not intuitive and if the reset button is bumped by accident, it will switch first to military time and if bumped a second time, it was reset the time. So far that has not happened but the reset button is the most pronounced button on the watch. Even with that potential, I am happy with my purchase and I would buy again. I like the style and design and the color. I am also very happy Amazon gives shoppers like me a chance to buy something second hand so I can stay in my budget and not have something perfectly functional end up discarded.

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