A smartwatch vs a traditional watch

In the world of watches, there is a frequent dilemma of whether you should buy a smartwatch or a traditional watch. Each has its own benefits, but it comes down to personal preference — what do you need for your day-to-day activities or your wardrobe?

So let’s discuss the main benefits of both types of watches, and what type to choose is only up to you.

A smartwatch can give you additional motivation to lead an active lifestyle. It will show you your step count, measure your heart rate, track your nutrition, ask you to breathe in and out for a minute, and so much more.

Another benefit of smartwatches is clever applications. Smartwatches will allow you to answer calls, see your messages, make notes, plan events, or use contactless payment.

While wearing a smartwatch you will use your smartphone less frequently. With a smartwatch, you can use your smartphone only when it is really necessary. A smartwatch can help you make a call while avoiding Instagram — minimal willpower required.

Many believe that traditional watches can never go out of style. A traditional watch is a fashion accessory as much as it is an accessory you use to track time. Traditional watches come in different sizes and styles. There are also luxury watches that can be wonderful gifts for occasions like weddings, graduations, or anniversaries.

Traditional watches are known for their durability as they are made to last. That is why traditional watches are popular family heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation in perfect condition.

Traditional watches have long-lasting batteries. For example, quartz watches operate anywhere from one to three years on the same battery. And mechanical watches collect energy using a rotor that moves inside them whenever you move your wrist. The beauty of this mechanical engineering is that you do not need a battery or electric charging at all.

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